Year: 2017-18

Company: Wuxi Biologics

Liaison(s): Steve Farmer

Wuxi Biologics (A Wuxi AppTec Affiliate), is a Contract Services and Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) based in China. It has facilities in Shanghai, Wuxi City, and Suzhou that provides services to include the discovery, CMC development, and GMP manufacturing of a wide range of biologics.

Being a relatively new organization, WuXi Biologics is looking to increase its market share, and create awareness about their technology platforms and capabilities.

The Wuxi Biologics TMP team was tasked with developing technical training videos about various bioprocessing unit operations in the biopharmaceutical industry. This marketing initiative is called the Two Minutes Tuesday (TMT) campaign. To accomplish this task, the team researched existing bioprocessing-related training videos on different social media platforms. This research helped to create training videos for which there is not a great deal of existing knowledge, and that will have attractive graphics to capture the target audience.

In order to deliver material that fulfills industry standards, the team also reviewed scientific literature regarding how industry manufactures biologics. The team focused on downstream unit operations, mostly on viral clearance validation, and created a series that built upon previous video topics.

The successful production of these teaching videos will guide and train students, industry professionals, and companies about the key bioprocess concepts used to manufacture biologics that treat and manage diseases. The Two Minutes Tuesday video series serve to establish Wuxi Biologics and the KGI Amgen Bioprocessing Center as bioprocessing experts that are ready to serve both bioprocessing professionals and students.