Year: 2021-22

Company: Hologic

Liaison(s): Lisa Whitmeyer, Lindsey Tornabeli

Hologic Inc., founded in 1985, is a medical technology company focused on leading innovation in women’s health ranging from diagnostics, surgery, to medical imaging. Biotheranostics was acquired by Hologic in 2021 bringing Hologic two proprietary products to expand their diagnostic division. With Biotheranostics’ BCI test, Hologic seeks to be a large player in the oncology field. Our TMP team is helping Hologic achieve its goal through a “top-down” approach within the breast oncology market. By integrating the BCI test in the National Comprehensive Center Network (NCCN) centers, the BCI test will be used by prestigious institutions and thus, will be more highly visible in the breast oncology market. The Hologic Key Accounts TMP project produced dossiers on each of the 31 NCCN cancer centers with information on the center’s leadership structure, performance metrics, values, active NCI clinical trials and population health initiatives. To accomplish the project goal, we performed secondary research and utilized various search tools to collect information. By the end of the project timeline, we will have provided 31 dossiers and generated key insights to identify opportunities and ways to determine target entry points. Based on the top-down method, the Hologic TMP team hopes to help Hologic to identify a $34 M+ revenue opportunity on BCI.