Year: 2014-15

Company: City of Hope

Liaison(s): John Yim

City of Hope is a comprehensive cancer center with
advanced research and treatment options for cancer
patients. Currently there are 41 comprehensive cancer
centers comprised of doctors, research scientists, and
business professionals who all believe in conducting
innovative research, eliminating diseases, and finding
cures to alleviate pain and side effects.
Dr. John Yim is currently evaluating a strong anticancer
molecule (“Product Y”). The traditional
patent protection route for the Product Y therapeutic
is clouded because of its natural product source.
However, due to the molecule’s potent anti-cancer
promise, the City of Hope would like to determine
if there is a business model that makes sense for
“Product Y.” Finally, if there is an appropriate business
model the team has been asked to identify the optimal
clinical, regulatory, and commercial paths to make this
compound available to patients and physicians.
The COH TMP team was tasked with investigating
the field of natural chemotherapeutic remedies to
identify market leaders, drivers, and other factors
as well as a comprehensive analysis of regulatory
pathway options that could bring “Product Y” to
clinical trials. To accomplish this objective, the COH
TMP Team examined the regulatory landscape for
equivalent natural products in the US and provided a
strategic recommendation for “Product Y.” In addition,
the Team identified the current market opportunities
through primary and secondary market research.
In the final report and analysis, the TMP Team has
provided the City of Hope with recommendations
which prioritize the market entry point for “Product
Y” based on current unmet needs in cancer treatment
and commercial potential.