Year: 2021-22

Company: Pfizer

Liaison(s): Bonnie Vlahos, Paul Sanders, Amy Cha, Juliana Canosa

Pfizer is one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies. Grounded in a powerful purpose – breakthroughs that change patients’ lives – Pfizer works to translate advanced science and technologies into therapies that matter for patients in need. Pfizer conducts worldwide research and development in different disease areas and tasked the TMP team with two projects within medical dermatology. The TMP team developed comprehensive analyses for a topical therapy in development and a currently approved therapy. The analyses intended to investigate the therapeutic value of the drugs and their potential for meeting unmet needs within specific dermatoses.

Deliverable 1 focused on creating global clinical development plans for a new topical therapy in early development for the treatment of two inflammatory skin conditions which currently have no FDA approved medication therapies. The plans address the unmet treatment needs of the diseases, data on competitor drugs, target product profiles and phase 3 clinical trial designs. The value of developing these programs is to obtain regulatory approval to address the significant unmet need of therapies within these specific dermatoses.

Deliverable 2 focused on developing resources and medical strategies and tactics for educating and creating a path of awareness for atopic dermatitis (AD), specifically on proactive treatment. The team created a KOL map, FAQ and Scientific Narrative. Additionally, the team is working on designing an internal and external Training and Education Plan, Evidence Generation Plan for Post-hoc Analysis Plan, Evidence Dissemination Plan and Health Care provider, caregivers and patients Communication Plan.”