Year: 2009-10

Company: Clear Springs

Liaison(s): Fred Boling

Clear Springs is a large landholder and developer in Florida that has sponsored a Team Master’s Project (TMP) through the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI). The KGI TMP team has been given the objective of evaluating the potential of renewable power generation alternatives that could be developed on a 7,000 acre portion of a Clear Springs holding in Bartow, Florida, that was previously used for phosphate mining. The goal of the project was to evaluate if renewable energy can be produced on this land while being economically feasible. The renewable power alternatives to be evaluated included solar, wind, algae and switchgrass. This business development related project assessed the alternative power generation markets, confirmed key value propositions, negotiated and made recommendations to our client, Clear Springs. Upon completion of this project, our client should be able to make an informed decision on how to invest their resources in alternative energy.