Year: 2006-07

Company: Applied Biosystems

Liaison(s): Abizar Lakdawalla, Eric Gerber, Mary M. Jotz

Advances in genomics are transforming society in many ways, generating educational and vocational opportunities. Utilizing its resources and building upon past successes, Applied Biosystems (AB) is in a unique position to address the way genomics is taught today and in the future. The goal of the AB TMP is to formulate a new business model by evaluating growth opportunities in genomic education. Market research was conducted to understand the challenges associated with developing such a business model, while a thorough financial analysis assessed the attractiveness of the opportunity. In addition, product concept development has assisted in the evaluation of consumer acceptance. The results of the TMP will allow AB to critically determine the best opportunities in this sector and identify possible pathways for moving forward. The education market can provide AB with a new consumer base with the potential to improve corporate visibility, drive growth both directly and indirectly, and advance general familiarity with genomics.