Year: 2020-21

Company: Amgen Inc.

Liaison(s): Asit Goyal, Becky Calvin, Pratik Ahuja

Amgen discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers innovative human therapeutics. A biotechnology pioneer since 1980, Amgen was among the first companies to realize the promise of novel science by delivering safe, effective medicines starting from the laboratory to manufacturing plant, and ultimately, to the patient. Amgen has a presence in approximately 100 countries and regions worldwide, and its medicines have reached millions of patients in the fight against serious illnesses. They focus on six therapeutic areas: cardiovascular disease, oncology, bone health, neuroscience, nephrology, and inflammation.

In order to serve every patient, every time, it is critical to maintain a well-defined supply chain strategy that balances speed, cost, and risk. Amgen continues to advance its risk mitigation strategy and is interested in developing a framework
for its pipeline programs, which includes creating a comprehensive risk mitigation algorithm, decision criteria, and finally, playbooks for its clinical programs. This algorithm will allow Amgen to better understand and minimize risk for strategic decisions, enabling a resilient supply chain. The Amgen TMP team assessed strategies utilized by in-class competitors and other methods described in secondary research. By analyzing interview commonalities and researching risk modeling techniques, the team developed an adaptive algorithm consisting of prime factors relating to clinical risk, including “affected patient population”, “manufacturing cost”, and “inventory supply”. The holistic algorithm will serve Amgen’s business needs by allowing appropriate supply chain decisions to be made, furthering the robustness and resilience of its clinical supply chain.