Year: 2019-20

Company: BioMarin

Liaison(s): Michael Vigarino

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. is a world leader in the development and commercialization of therapies for rare genetic diseases. With continued and rapid growth, BioMarin has initiated business transformation processes to improve efficiencies in their end-to-end Order to Cash (OTC) process. One focal point for several of these transformation efforts is Customer Master Data (CMD). Currently, CMD at BioMarin does not adequately address the unique complexity of its products and requires additional scalability to drive future growth.

The KGI team was tasked with generating four deliverables: industry best practices, an immediate-term solution, a long-term solution, and governance processes. The best practices document summarized the group’s primary and secondary research findings on generally accepted CMD practices in the pharmaceutical industry. The immediate-term solution proposed structural data changes that address CMD complexity within the current systems landscape. The long-term solution provided several potential options to BioMarin for addressing long-term CMD complexity, each of which enables scalable growth and OTC process efficiency. Finally, the governance processes delineated clear responsibilities within CMD processes and detailed actions that are necessary for actionable CMD cross-functionally.

With these four deliverables, the team will enable BioMarin to improve CMD structure and management. This will lead to an increase in overall OTC efficiency by supporting transactions with accurate data, standardized execution, clear reporting, and reduced risk.