Year: 2020-21

Company: Hologic Inc.

Liaison(s): Derek Babin, Allan Harris

Hologic Inc. is a global company focused on healthcare and diagnostics, with core competencies in Women’s Health, including but not limited to, breast and skeletal health as well as gynecological surgical solutions. Hologic also provides diagnostic testing beyond Women’s Health, namely its recent efforts to address the lab-based challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Molecular Diagnostics account for 40% of Hologic’s overall business and within this segment, Hologic has identified three primary areas of interest: Women’s Health, Acute Care and Virology.

As the U.S. molecular diagnostics market continues to change and the needs of customers develop, Hologic strives to put customer satisfaction at the forefront. Due to increasing competition, the threat of platform consolidation, and the difficulties faced by all companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency to better understand these changes has only increased.
The Hologic TMP team was tasked with contributing to the continuous improvement of Hologic’s Molecular Diagnostic portfolio. The team’s main goal is to provide recommendations to support the strategic direction of Hologic’s commercial function. To accomplish this, the Hologic TMP conducted market segmentation, competitive analysis, and customer perception assessments. The TMP team successfully deployed a survey and conducted extensive data analysis to assess customer satisfaction and better understand the drivers of customer retention and referral. The outcome of this project will provide Hologic with key information and targeted recommendations to inform their strategy and investment within its Molecular Diagnostics portfolio.