Year: 2020-21

Company: Amgen Inc.

Liaison(s): Sri Yarlagadda, Risha Patel, Neha Dafria

Amgen is one of the largest independent biotechnology companies in the world. This project aims to produce commercial insights across oncological indications in the hematological and solid tumor space to inform Amgen’s strategy and commercial development. Value will be provided to Amgen by first producing a comprehensive and accessible clinical trial database capturing various technologies currently in the pipeline for development in oncology therapeutics. The database will then be used to produce competitive insights including forecasted evolution of the oncology landscape, major players and key assets, and approval timelines.

The main outcome for the fall semester was producing a comprehensive excel database encompassing pertinent data obtained from multiple public resources (e.g. After thorough discussions and working sessions with the Amgen liaisons, the TMP team designed a clinical trials database to capture the emerging trends in oncology and a thorough understanding of each relevant clinical trial occurring throughout the world. Ultimately, the Amgen team built a database capturing information for over 460+ clinical trials to guide the development of strategic insights.

During the spring semester, the team leveraged the compiled database and additional resources to conduct competitive intelligence on the evolving oncology landscape. Particular attention was given to notable partnerships, size of companies, pipelines, recent developments, and alternative technological approaches. With this information, the team has developed strategic insights in the oncology space for our Amgen liaisons and Amgen’s stakeholders.