Year: 2012-13

Company: TerumoBCT

Liaison(s): Susanne Marschner, Derek Guyton

In 2011, CaridianBCT and Terumo Transfusion merged to create Terumo BCT, a company that has become a global leader in cellular and blood component technologies. It is the only company that has the unique combination of apheresis collections, manual and automated whole blood processing, and pathogen reduction coupled with leading technologies in therapeutic apheresis and cell processing. With commercial operations in over 120 countries and a robust product pipeline, Terumo BCT is a key player in the blood industry, continuing to unlock the potential of blood to benefit patients even more than it does today. Terumo BCT has developed the Mirasol® System, a pathogen reduction technology (PRT) capable of inactivating leukocytes and pathogens in blood products. It has received the CE-mark in Europe and the company is currently seeking approval of the technology in the US. With the military’s interest to use Mirasoltreated whole blood in combat and trauma settings, Terumo BCT would like to evaluate the feasibility of Mirasol-treated whole blood for civilian applications. Granted that no PRT is approved in the US and the blood supply is considered very safe, Terumo BCT would also like to understand the requirements, barriers and the economic impact of introducing a new medical device in the US. To accomplish these objectives, the Terumo BCT TMP team performed a two-phase analysis to characterize the market opportunities for the Mirasol System. The first phase involved a thorough evaluation of the U.S whole blood transfusion market, including an analysis of market size and attractiveness for the Mirasol System. In parallel, the team conducted interviews with key opinion leaders and industry experts. The combined research results provided a foundation for a market survey which provided critical data for the next part of the project. During the second phase, additional rounds of surveys and key opinion leader interviews were completed to generate a market definition report citing the team’s strategic recommendations. Hence, the team provided Terumo BCT with actionable information for future marketing activities and strategic planning in support of the Mirasol System.