Year: 2005-06

Company: Amgen

Liaison(s): Bruce Eu, Bob Platz

Amgen is interested in evaluating the use of novel pre-filled plastic syringes for commercial products and those in late stages of development. The major challenge in using currently available plastic 2 AMGEN Sponsor Liaisons: Kate Farrell, Viola Kam Faculty Advisors: Ali Nadim AMGEN Sponsor Liaisons: Bruce Eu, Bob Platz Faculty Advisors: Robert Doebler, Deb Chakravarti, Anthony Bright P R O J E C T S U M M A R I E S syringes for therapeutic protein storage is the inherent oxygen permeability of the syringe materials. During the last nine months, the KGI team has been working with Amgen to identify strategies to minimize oxygen permeation in plastic syringes. To validate these packaging solutions, KGI students have developed computer models to predict oxygen permeation levels inside the syringes, as well as a chemical method to measure oxygen levels through color changes. In addition, the team has conducted experiments to evaluate the integrity of the syringe closure and ease of use of these new syringes. KGI has complemented this technical evaluation by assisting Amgen in outlining a business justification for implementing plastic syringes. The justification includes a study of market trends and consumer preferences in the pre-filled syringe industry, as well as a cost analysis for integrating a plastic syringe line into Amgen’s existing production equipment.