Year: 2018-19

Company: ProSciento

Liaison(s): Marcus Hompesch, Alejandra Macias, Yeonjoo Kang

ProSciento is a metabolic disease focused, specialty CRO based out of Chula Vista, California. They have over 15 years of CRO experience and have conducted more than 280 clinical research projects in their areas of expertise. ProSciento is able to provide a full scope of clinical research and functional services in a growing CRO market. Their focus on metabolic diseases, coupled with their deep subject matter and scientific expertise gives clients an advantage in the highly competitive metabolic drug and device market.

ProSciento currently focuses on metabolic diseases such as NASH, diabetes, obesity and related disorders. They are driven by applying the most relevant science and research methodologies with a focus on designing and conducting the most meaningful clinical research to benefit their client’s clinical research programs, and the many patients with metabolic diseases needing better treatment options.

ProSciento plans to expand their successfully developed specialty clinical research model by applying it to another disease area. The team is assessing four therapeutic areas: ophthalmology, oncology, infectious disease, and immunology, and identifying potential competitive advantages associated with the application of ProSciento’s specialty CRO business model. Furthermore, the team will characterize and prioritize these therapeutic areas based on filters such as cost, regulatory requirements, required specialty knowledge, drug discovery methodologies, and others as defined by the company. The analysis will give ProSciento insights on viable therapeutic area CRO markets for the future.