Year: 2021-22

Company: Promex

Liaison(s): Tom Klopack, Michael Lopez, Rosie Medina, Dick Otte

Promex Industries, Inc. is a fully integrated cGMP manufacturer of FDA compliant Class II/III medical devices and biotechnology assemblies. Founded in 1975, Promex’s services offer a low-risk pathway ranging from small-scale prototype development to full-scale production while maintaining the necessary requirements for FDA compliance and full manufacturing process validation, in a cost-effective manner. The Promex team was tasked with identifying ways to engage with potential medical device clients, conducting competitive intelligence on similar electronics contract manufacturers, and enhancing Promex’s digital marketing strategies. To accomplish these objectives, the KGI Promex TMP team created a database of potential medical device client companies using scoring metrics to measure and rank Promex alignment. From this database, the team identified potential contact points and conducted interviews to develop strategies that could aid Promex in increasing its clientele. To determine opportunities for Promex to further expand its marketing approach, the team compiled a list of Promex’s competitors and documented relevant and effective digital marketing and customer acquisition techniques. This project is intended to help Promex expand its medical device electronics manufacturing services.