Year: 2012-13

Company: Aemetis

Liaison(s): Andy Foster, Jarrett Hollis, Eric McAfee

Aemetis, Inc. is an industrial biotechnology company producing renewable chemicals and fuels using patented microbes and processes. Derived from the Scottish “Ae,” meaning “the one” and the Greek “Metis,” meaning “prudent wisdom,” Aemetis means “the one prudent wisdom,” referring to the prudence and wisdom of replacing petroleum with renewable chemicals and fuels. Focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative industrial biotechnologies, the Aemetis technology platform helps companies increase their brand value and operating margins while decreasing their environmental footprint. By converting existing bio-refineries and substantially reducing capital expenditures, Aemetis assists in the quick commercialization of technologies through joint ventures with existing biofuel plants. Aemetis is currently in the process of investigating new biofuel feedstocks to supplement their existing corn ethanol plant in Keyes, CA. Initial tests have been completed and potential feedstocks identified. To determine the feasibility of making an industrial-scale transition, Aemetis asked the Aemetis TMP team to perform a detailed feasibility analysis. Specifically, the Aemetis TMP team was asked to develop a financial feasibility study under the constraint of using one specific advanced feedstock. To accomplish this objective, the Aemetis TMP examined the economic, technical and regulatory aspects of this novel feedstock as a supplement for the existing ethanol process at the Keyes facility. The team examined three major components of the feedstock value chain: upstream, midstream and downstream. All three elements were included in the final detailed financial model. Ultimately, the team’s final report will provide Aemetis with an analysis which may help guide the use of this interesting feedstock.