Year: 2022-23

Company: Genofax (Spring Only)

Liaison(s): Abed Chaudhury

Gut microbiome dysbiosis has become a major threat to public health in current times world-wide but particularly in urban areas where food has become metabolically narrow thus destroying the diversity of the gut microbial flora. As a result gut-dysbiosis syndromes such as obesity, diabetes, colorectal cancer and Autism Spectrum disorder are becoming common. Faced with this pandemic like situation time is ripe to develop a new generation of microbes tailored to specifically address this dysbiosis. The new era of thinking in this microbiome therapy must be informed by detailed genetic knowledge of the concerned microbes and should also involve knowledge of human SNP and epi-equivalent of SNPs in one hand and food metabolites on the other. The experiments to be performed in KGI will involve isolation of key beneficial microbes including Akkermansia and creating habituated version of the organism in in vitro created gut atmosphere. Such habituated organisms will be tested for efficacy in C. elegans. Furthermore an IP strategy of how to protect such knowledge will be devised.