Year: 2014-15

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Liaison(s): Carlos Herrera

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is a leading provider
of scientific instruments and reagents to researchers
globally. The company generates approximately $17
Billion in worldwide revenues and has a workforce of
50,000 employees in 50 Countries. Thermo Fisher’s
mission is to enable customers to make the world
healthier, cleaner and safer by accelerating life sciences
research, solving complex analytical challenges,
improving patient diagnostics and increasing
laboratory productivity. Through their premier brands
— Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen,
Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services — the company
offers an unmatched combination of innovative
technologies, convenience and comprehensive support.
Thermo Fisher’s massive array of technology helps
scientists across the globe analyze complex scientific
data and store them digitally. However, as technology
evolves the life sciences industry is churning out Big
Data beyond the capacity of available infrastructure.
The company launched a powerful cloud computing
platform that allows research teams worldwide to store
any file type in one secure place, analyze sophisticated
data sets in minutes, and safely share them online
with colleagues across campus and around the world.
This platform is named Thermo Fisher Cloud. Cloud
platform technology has been challenged by the
customer — particularly by the academic research
community — because it a new experience for many
users. Consequently, customer adoption is one of the
key challenges that Thermo Fisher wants to solve.
The KGI Team Masters Project (TMP) team was tasked
with performing an analysis of the current market
for this technology and building a commercialization
strategy for the Thermo Fisher Cloud platform. The
team performed primary surveys within the academic
research community in the United States, conducted
extensive secondary market analysis of similar
technologies, and benchmarked some strategies that
drove academic success. The recommended strategies
are geared specifically towards achieving maximum
customer adoption and targeted revenues.