Year: 2012-13

Company: Veracyte

Liaison(s): Brooke LeVasseur

Veracyte, Inc., (San Francisco, CA) is a privately held molecular diagnostics company pioneering the emerging field of molecular cytology. The company discovers, develops and commercializes molecular diagnostic solutions that enable physicians to make more informed early treatment decisions, thus helping patients avoid unnecessary invasive procedures while reducing healthcare costs. Veracyte’s first product – the Afirma® Thyroid FNA Analysis – combines specialized cytopathology assessment with the Afirma® Gene Expression Classifier, a genomic test that clarifies inconclusive thyroid nodule results as benign or suspicious for cancer. Veracyte, Inc., is currently focusing on opportunities to add to their product pipeline of minimally invasive diagnostic tests for newer indications. The TMP team at KGI is focusing on validating the unmet need in the early diagnosis of one of these indications, by assessing the market potential for a novel minimally invasive diagnostic technology. An early diagnostic test enables doctors to make more informed treatment decisions thereby improving the quality of patient care which, in turn, leads to costs savings for the healthcare system. The team performed an extensive literature review and conducted interviews with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to gather data on general trends and practices in the diagnosis and treatment of the study indication This work allowed the team to determine the patient population served and the location where the diagnostic test would be most efficiently used. The team also designed expanded surveys to gather larger data sets in an effort to understand patient dynamics for the specified indication. From the literature and initial interviews, the team identified a potential market opportunity for a minimally invasive early diagnostic test for the study indication. Finally, additional interviews and results from expanded surveys were performed to validate results obtained by the literature review.