Year: 2020-21

Company: Pfizer Inc.

Liaison(s): Daniela Graham, Amy Cha, Helen Tran, Bonnie Vlahos, John Werth

Pfizer is a multinational, fully integrated biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the lives of people facing the burdens of illness. Their motto “Breakthroughs that Change Patients’ Lives,” articulates how the company devotes its research and development efforts to pharmaceuticals that address unmet needs among the patient population, ultimately to improve their quality of life. Their goal to, “translate advanced science and technologies into therapies that matter for patients in need”, was a fixture of this Team Master’s project.

This project included development and research activities on a life cycle product, expanding the use of an approved Pfizer topical therapy. The team evaluated challenges and potential solutions of administering target application rates of topical therapies.

Working as an extended team of the product’s Global Medicine Team, our TMP was responsible for completing three separate projects. The first project entailed finding tools and developing training to aid in improving patient compliance when administering a topical therapy. The second project included secondary clinical research to identify key leaders plus medical and patient societies, and to compile and organize disease-specific information on new disease indications for Pfizer’s medical liaisons. The third project aimed at designing a Phase 3 clinical trial incorporating decentralized solutions that meet regulatory standards and requirements.