Year: 2010-11

Company: Beckman Coulter

Liaison(s): David Heibel, Mary McClung

The Beckman Coulter team has created a method for effectively managing Product Lifecycle Management strategies for Obsolescence and Discontinuance of Chemistry Systems. Product Life Cycle Management has been identified as a crucial focus for Beckman Coulter. The Product Life Cycle ends with the Decline Phase, which covers Obsolescence and Discontinuance (O/D). Two main drivers of O/D are (1) market needs and (2) operations, including Supply Chain Management, Current Product Engineering and Field Service. Both drivers present complex issues that need to be addressed to effectively manage O/D. The deliverable will provide understanding of the crucial questions that need to be raised and how to obtain the answers for successful O/D. The team is also responsible for creating an execution plan for the global Discontinuance of the CX product line. The plan will address the issues specific to this product line and describe the path for replacing the current fielded base while considering the manufacturing and installation capacity.