Year: 2016-17

Company: Pfizer

Liaison(s): Tiffany Epps, Ricardo Rojo, Pol Vandenbroucke, Bonnie Vlahos

The Pfizer TMP team was tasked with creating an engaging educational platform to be used during investigator meetings leading up to a clinical trial. This platform is meant to convey the importance of diversity in clinical trials as a key scientific aspect of research and provide researchers with various strategies to increase minority participation. After conducting research on the way people learn, educational technologies, and diversity itself, the KGI Pfizer TMP team has developed a multi-faceted workshop, centered around a directed narrative, that will not only present crucial information, but will help in retention of that information through active learning and application. In addition, the team has also created a platform for the purpose of educating potential participants. This platform is intended for recruitment purposes, informing patients of the potential benefits of participating in clinical trials, common procedures, and their rights as a participant. With more knowledge, potential participants feel safer, are more likely to be interested in the study, and diversity in clinical trials has the opportunity to flourish. At the end of April, the team will be presenting their novel platform at Pfizer Headquarters, located in New York City. It is their hope that the workshop will impact Pfizer’s future clinical trials by facilitating the incorporation of minorities, leading to better, more applicable results. In the end, it is all about improving the quality of life of those in need.