Year: 2019-20

Company: Hologic

Liaison(s): Allan Harris

Hologic, Inc. is a leading innovator in women’s health, currently possessing 15% of the molecular diagnostics (MDx) market. Molecular diagnostics is becoming a competitive industry with fierce customer loyalty resulting in long platform life. To increase its market position, Hologic seeks to venture into low-volume “Point of Care” (POC) diagnostic platforms, as well as offer an increased breadth of tests to break into new disease areas such as acute care and virology.

The objective of this year’s KGI Team Master’s Project was to evaluate the POC market for segments of interest to determine whether or not Hologic should enter the POC market, and in what capacity. The KGI team used secondary data to establish a view of the current POC market and its device usage compared to Hologic’s systems. The team then developed an inquisitive primary interview guide to determine the proclivity of customers to consolidate platforms for POC and virology testing. By analyzing the results from this questionnaire and previous data, the team’s final goal was to deliver a final assessment and consultation on potential market entry.