Year: 2018-19

Company: Amgen, Inc.

Liaison(s): Noell Milota

Amgen Inc. is a global leader in the biopharmaceutical industry, focused on discovering, developing, manufacturing, and delivering human therapeutics to fulfill areas of high unmet need. Founded in 1980, the company currently offers products in the following therapeutic areas: oncology/hematology, cardiovascular disease, bone health, inflammation, nephrology, and neuroscience. Amgen’s robust product line primarily contains biologics, but also includes small molecule drugs. Amgen products help millions of patients around the world in approximately 100 countries, with 2018 revenues reaching above $23 billion.

The Amgen TMP team was tasked with evaluating, understanding, and recommending best practices and emerging technologies to mitigate pain points within Amgen’s global clinical supply chain. Additionally, the TMP team was asked to develop a business case to evaluate the risks and benefits of a potential process change. The project itself was multi-faceted, with team members performing primary interviews at clinical trial sites and Amgen headquarters to gain an interrelated understanding of procedures both internal and external to the company. Primary research focused on Amgen’s performance regarding supply, logistics, organization, customer relationships, and the mentioned process change. In addition, the team developed a cost-benefit analysis using internal data, secondary research, and information from primary interviews to assess the impact of a new supply chain process. It is their hope that these recommendations will shed light on the experiences of clinical sites and Amgen staff, and lead to the successful implementation of a new process within the global clinical supply chain.