Year: 2014-15

Company: Technip

Liaison(s): Kevin Mills Cheryl Sandifer Eric Wagner

Technip is a leading engineering, procurement
and construction (EPC) firm in the energy and
petrochemical industries. The company was founded in
1958 in France, currently operates in 48 countries, and
employs 38,000 associates. Technip earned revenues
in excess of €10.7 billion in 2014, with €825 million in
operating income from recurring activities. Technip’s
office in Claremont CA focuses on petrochemical,
ethylene, hydrogen, and syngas production.
Technip is interested in identifying companies with
biological technologies that are “green” alternatives to
the conventional production method for intermediate
or finished commodity chemicals. The projected
annual sales of the target products made by the
“green” method must be at least US$100 million.
The new technologies should be competitive with the
conventional technology currently available without
requiring any governmental subsidies; thus, biofuels
are excluded as they generally must be subsidized.
Technip is looking to enter the “green” chemistry
market by adding new technologies to their existing
EPC portfolio.
The TMP team researched promising technologies and
companies based on their relevant intellectual property,
market size and dynamics for the products in question,
and compared the conventional and novel processes
on technical and economic criteria. The team compiled
reports and summaries for each of the technologies
to assist Technip in developing a strategy to enter the
“green” chemistry market. Completion of this project
will allow Technip to identify specific technologies to
license or acquire into their existing portfolio. Finally,
the Technip TMP has produced information which will
enable Technip to identify potential clients for their
EPC services within this market.