Year: 2017-18

Company: Medtronic

Liaison(s): Jinghua Chen, Max Koobatian, Shweta Gopalakrishnan, Magnus Johansson.

Medtronic PLC is a medical device company founded in 1949 in northeastern Minneapolis. Medtronic Diabetes is one of six main business units, which focuses on diabetes management. For over 25 years, Medtronic Diabetes has helped people with diabetes achieve better outcomes and get more out of life. They are known for their best-in-class insulin pump systems. The Minimed™ 670G Hybrid Closed Loop system is their latest breakthrough technology for sensor augmented pump therapy, which automatically administers insulin to a patient’s body based on glucose sensor values. With a dramatic increase of diabetes prevalence worldwide, there has been a great push to innovate and develop new technology, such as the continuous glucose monitor and smart insulin pen. For the purpose of this project, Medtronic Diabetes was interested in investigating how the smart insulin pen and connectivity to other devices will change the industry landscape. Our team is delivering a comprehensive assessment to Medtronic Diabetes based on primary and secondary data collected throughout the project, and by considering various factors such as clinical outcomes, reimbursement, and lifestyle compatibility.