Year: 2010-11

Company: Tecan

Liaison(s): Marc Feiglin, Tony Mamone

The Tecan Group Ltd. is a leading global supplier of laboratory instruments and automated workflow solutions to laboratories in the life science industry. Founded in 1980, Tecan has become a market leader in supplying OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) instruments and components that are then distributed through partner companies. As a vendor and OEM manufacturer, Tecan serves three primary markets: biopharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostics, and forensics. Tecan is in the process of developing a point of care (PoC) testing device. An initial launch market for this device has been identified and product development is underway. The technical characteristics and flexibility of Tecan’s technology demand exploration of additional applications and commercial opportunities. The TMP team was tasked with the identification of alternative PoC testing market opportunities where introduction of Tecan’s technology and derivative product(s) could provide the company with a primary or secondary global leadership position. To accomplish this objective, the team identified current and emerging markets, defined market gaps/issues alleviated by PoC testing, and provided a clear approach by which Tecan’s technology and resulting devices would address and satisfy current market needs. In addition, the team stratified market opportunities by testing category and geographic region. Upon completion of this project, Tecan will be able to prioritize markets with the most commercial potential to develop plans for market entry.