Year: 2012-13

Company: Zhong Mei Aochi

Liaison(s): Zhang Xiao Xia, Chen Yong

Zhongmei is the largest medical group in China, with its medical chain spanning across 7 major hospitals. In 2007, Zhongmei funded a subsidiary company geared to target the healthcare industry in China: Beijing Zhongmei Aochi Biotech Co. Ltd. Partnering with Blue-Bio Research Institute and KND. Co. Ltd, with $180 million in investment, Aochi Biotech produced collagen supplements, which have been the best-selling anti-aging supplement in China. Anti-aging therapies aim to increase longevity through the treatment of various age-related metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological, and immune diseases. As the aging population of China increases, such therapies have potential to expand the market. Beijing Zhongmei Aochi Biotech Co. Ltd. is interested in licensing advanced anti-aging and stem cell therapies. The Zhongmei Group has a commercial interest in developing these novel technologies for use in clinical settings in China. In support of this strategy, our TMP was asked to identify and assess anti-aging technologies from US universities and companies which might be further developed by Aochi Biotech and implemented in Zhongmei hospitals. Each technology was carefully evaluated with respect to effectiveness, IP protection, regulation, and market potential. From our survey of numerous of cosmetic anti-aging technologies, we have created a database consisting of 20 potential candidates. Of these, five novel products and devices have been pursued further according to the sponsor’s request. The scope of our investigation has since expanded from cosmetic technologies to include advancements utilizing stem cells. We are thus engaged in surveying potential stem cell therapies in cardiovascular, neurological, and kidney diseases. This assessment aids in our development of a robust database consisting of both cosmetic and stem cell therapies that treat diseases prevalent in aging China. Upon project completion, we will have pursued technologies of particular interest to the sponsor, which will ultimately aid the Zhongmei Group in bringing therapies that can be adopted in the Chinese market.