Year: 2002-03

Company: Beckman Coulter

Liaison(s): Patricia Silver

The Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) Team is performing strategic market evaluations for Beckman Coulter, Incorporated (BCI), and Specialty Testing Division. In 2001, BCI restructured its company into three divisions that fit along the Biomedical Testing Continuum: Life Sciences Research (Drug Discovery and Clinical Trials Testing), Specialty Testing (Specialized, Esoteric Testing), and Clinical Diagnostics (Central Laboratory and Distributed Testing). Specialty Testing often aids in leveraging technology from life sciences research to clinical diagnostics, identifying opportunities which are aligned with the company’s core competency to “create value with systems that simplify and automate customer processes to improve productivity as measured by an economic or outcome metric.” The KGI team executed multiple market assessments in order to identify unmet needs in the life science industry that provide opportunities for BCI through Specialty Testing. The KGI team looked at possibilities for BCI to either develop new technology or expand existing technology into markets such as basic research, drug discovery, and drug development. BCI personnel reviewed presentations weekly and advised students on next steps based upon research progress, general milestones, and strategic direction. The culmination of each project was a presentation to BCI senior management.