Year: 2018-19

Company: Roche Sequencing Solutions

Liaison(s): Elizabeth St. John, Akshat Porwal

Roche Sequencing Solutions (RSS) is a part of the Roche Diagnostics branch of Roche Inc. and is committed to building on Roche’s legacy of innovation to transform next-generation sequencing and its applications. Roche Sequencing Solutions is committed to furthering the field of personalized healthcare using the power of the genome and unique patient genetic profiles to deliver effective precision medicine. By simplifying workflows and expanding assay menus, Roche Sequencing Solutions aims to broaden access to genomic data and lower barriers to routine use.

Roche Sequencing Solutions is currently interested in furthering their knowledge of the market landscape for RNA Sequencing.

The Roche Sequencing Team Master’s Project team was tasked with conducting a combination of primary and secondary research to understand the competitors and market landscape for RNA Sequencing. Emphasis has been placed on the current trends and barriers, market size, future uptake, competitors, and current applications of RNA Sequencing. The TMP team hopes to provide Roche Sequencing with a foundational layout of the current practice of RNA sequencing and also forecast future changes in the clinical diagnostics field.