Year: 2019-20

Company: 3M

Liaison(s): Nick Berthelsen

The 3MTM Team Masters Project (TMP) team plans to continue working with 3M’s Separation and Purification Sciences Division (SPSD) focusing on voice-of-customer (VOC) feedback related to what drives the strategy behind the buying process of new and emerging technologies. This spring semester project is an extension of the data obtained during the fall semester of 2019 and will be completed by the beginning of May, 2020.

For the second half of this TMP, SPSD is interested in content marketing regarding not only what resources customers want to see, such as white papers and other publications, but also what content regarding emerging technologies is sought out. To acquire data for this study, we plan to collect data from within the downstream manufacturing department of life science companies or CMOs.

The scope of this project is to evaluate SPSD’s digital marketing impact on current and potential customers. The study plan is to design a Qualtrics survey and corresponding script to survey professionals working within the downstream process of manufacturing mAbs on a commercial scale, although emerging companies are also being evaluated. Although Qualtrics has report and analysis features, the team plans to meet to interpret and measure the relevance of this data upon meeting with the corporate liaison. Analysis of the information obtained hopes to shed light on the biopharmaceutical industry’s preferences for digital social media content, as well as other formats, such as databases, white papers, and marketing content distributed at trade shows, conferences, and seminars. 3M plans to use the results of the TMP analysis to improve their digital and content marketing strategy and find efficient methods to best communicate news and emerging technology in bioprocessing.