Year: 2016-17

Company: Edwards Lifesciences

Liaison(s): Kyle Woodring

Phase I: Edwards looked to broaden their understanding of current information technology ( IT ) offerings in the medical field known as healthcare solutions. We conducted secondary research in IT to comprehend the quantity of healthcare solutions competing within the same marketplace. Secondly, we conducted primary research to verify the adoption of the solutions uncovered from secondary research. Finally, we analyzed the information gathered from the research to develop quantitative models. In conclusion, we verified essential IT features, discovered novel value drivers and insights on how healthcare uses IT for data management. Phase II: Edwards looked to evaluate vendors within the HIPAA compliant communications sector. The goal was to identify a unique company that fulfilled various corporate requirements and shared similar company values. We conducted secondary research to understand the competitive landscape and conducted primary research to verify the adoption and track record of HIPAA compliant communications vendors. The generated data was analyzed and quantified to recommend a vendor who best fit their requirements. Phase III: As Edwards continues to grow in the field of medical devices, they hoped to identify best practices, evaluate opportunities and models for customer support. The goal was to identify the leading customer support vendors within the healthcare marketplace. We conducted primary and secondary research to identify and assess leading vendors and offerings in healthcare customer service. The information was then examined and quantified to advise a merchant that was able to fulfill their current and growing needs.