Year: 2022-23

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific (Spring Only)

Liaison(s): Amaya Wittmaack

NATx is seeking to better understand how we are performing for our current & new customers. Preliminary feedback from expert interviews suggests that NATx may be underperforming relative to some competitors in terms of customer service, product performance, and other key purchasing criteria. We want to gain an in depth understanding of our customer’s experience across these key areas. To that end, we are seeking KGI to conduct interviews with our existing customers. In addition, we are seeking KGI to conduct several “Trojan horse” audits, posing as customers and reporting on their experiences. In addition, we would request expert interviews be conducted with customers that use our competitors (not necessarily NATx customers). We currently have ~55 customers and anticipate this could increase by as much as 20 by 1H of next year.