Year: 2009-10

Company: Beckman Coulter

Liaison(s): Tina Song, Jeff Quint

Beckman Coulter (BEC) is the global market leader in clinical diagnostic instruments, reagents and supplies. BEC clinical diagnostic instruments are routinely used throughout the hospital and reference laboratory settings to provide ~90% of the answers to questions regarding patient health. They are also the first diagnostic company to provide fully integrated automation to the clinical laboratory thereby reducing costs and increasing reliability. BEC is creating the next generation automation system and needed a global marketing and commercialization plan for the launch of this system in to key target markets. The first semester task was to identify market drivers that affect the diagnostic industry, segment the target market and create a strategic marketing plan for 6 high-priority global markets. We successfully identified and prioritized launch targets as well as made strategic recommendations for BEC. The second semester task was to develop a commercialization timeline based on the work from first semester. For each of the launch targets, we developed unique marketing messages, prioritized key product features and developed the timeline based on customer base, market drivers, product lifecycles, and competitive product positioning.