Year: 2011-12

Company: Veracyte

Liaison(s): Brooke LeVasseur

Veracyte is a private molecular diagnostics company active in the emerging field of molecular cytology. The company is developing molecular tests designed to improve the diagnostic accuracy of cytology samples, thereby helping to increase the utility of minimally invasive procedures. In late 2010, Veracyte launched the Afirma™ Thyroid FNA Analysis for thyroid nodule assessment. Veracyte has sponsored 4 TMPs to date. This year’s Veracyte TMP project was divided into two related portions focused on the diagnosis of Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD). In the fall semester, the team developed a detailed clinical flow highlighting the role of pulmonologists from the time of initial diagnosis to treatment. The team focused on profiling pulmonologists, understanding their role(s) in the diagnosis and treatment of lung disease patients, and examining what potential improvements and cost savings could come from more accurate cytology diagnosis of ILDs. Interviews with key opinion leaders and a market survey provided the team with valuable data which was used to validate a clinical flow model. In the second semester, the team performed a detailed analysis of the practice locations, habits, and billing procedures of pulmonologists diagnosing ILDs. The findings were interpreted to support a commercial strategy that will most effectively address the pulmonology disease market. The team also helped Veracyte create an economic model to estimate the value of a potential ILD diagnostic test.