Year: 2013-14

Company: BioMarin

Liaison(s): Paul Lauer

BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. began developing and commercializing therapies for rare genetic diseases in 1997. Their strategy to develop first-to-market therapies with an orphan disease status has been remarkably successful resulting in a product portfolio with five approved products and multiple pre-clinical and clinical candidates. Strategically, BioMarin intends to continue to focus on areas of high unmet medical need and to leverage their expertise to improve health outcomes for patients. BioMarin’s five-year trend reveals an average revenue growth of 14% each year. This level of growth has encouraged BioMarin to re-examine strategic aspects of the operations organization to more efficiently support the growing list of products. As BioMarin pursues major milestones in 2014 including the launch of a new drug, Vimizin, it is critical their processes withstand the influx of new projects as well as the increasing workload. BioMarin has undertaken the task of defining their ‘Invest-to-Divest End to End Business Process’ with an end goal of alignment, efficient decision-making, and communication. The BioMarin TMP team was tasked to analyze current business processes and assist in developing the ‘Deliver Capital Assets’ sub-processes. Risks, resources, cost, and time-to-implement have been identified as key performance metrics to consider when devising recommendations for improved capital procurement efficiency. By analyzing primary and secondary literature and conducting interviews with key stakeholders at BioMarin and industry leaders, the team has exposed areas of inefficiencies in the process and identified factors that differentiate BioMarin from leaders in the industry. Upon completion of the project, the team delivered five specific recommendations outlining changes that might have the greatest potential to benefit BioMarin. The team provided detailed justification for implementing these recommendations and has assigned a process owner within BioMarin to facilitate the implementation of these solutions.