Year: 2017-18

Company: Eli Lilly

Liaison(s): Todd Gillespie

Eli Lilly & Co is engaging in profound change to increase capabilities and efficiency within their research and development departments. There is an ever-increasing awareness gap between the rapidly transforming external analytics capabilities and the data-to-decisions methods used within Small Molecule Design and Development (SMDD). The project goal is to better understand the underlying organizational behavior and to deliver strategies that drive better uptake of data and analytics solutions within the SMDD culture.

Our team is tasked with understanding the organizational culture at Lilly and developing a framework for savvy technology deployment to maximize ROI on these new initiatives. A deep understanding of the current culture within SMDD was actualized via primary interviews, survey creation and deployment, primary data collection from employees, and statistical analyses. Additionally, extensive secondary research was conducted to qualitatively assess and integrate findings relating to organizational change within the biotech industry. Findings from our research were used to identify pain-points and to develop a framework for Eli Lilly on how to best implement new initiatives in the organization.