Year: 2004-05

Company: Clear Springs

Liaison(s): Susan Spelios

Proton Beam technology is being used in the treatment of cancer to provide a concentrated dose of particulate radiation for tumor elimination. The facility requires a multi-million dollar investment over three to four years but the treatment is thought to be more efficacious and cause fewer side effects than conventional cancer therapies. Its effectiveness as compared to those therapies has been demonstrated in clinical trials. The KGI team has evaluated the feasibility of Proton Beam technology as an effective cancer treatment. They conducted an analysis of the physics, clinical studies, economics and the existing market for this technology. Through, field trips to existing proton therapy facilities, interviews with leaders in the field, and literature searches, the team has developed several business scenarios for the development of new Proton Beam facilities. Included in these scenarios are proposed facility management and financial models that estimate the revenues and costs necessary to establish a stand-alone Proton Beam facility. The KGI team has identified patient throughput as a key to the success of a proton beam therapy facility, requiring the ability to lock in patient referrals through partnerships with local cancer centers and to invest in direct to consumer marketing.