Year: 2002-03

Company: Sun-Pichia

Liaison(s): Anamitra Bhattacharyya

This TMP, sponsored by KGI, was to develop as a searchable in-house database to store the Pichia pastoris genome sequence and annotation data. The P. pastoris genome was sequenced by Integrated Genomics (IG), of Chicago, IL, and the database was transferred to KGI. The TMP team integrated the genomic database with analysis and visualization tools widely available to the scientific community. A Sun Microsystems server was donated by Sun Microsystems and installed at KGI with database software and web-based analysis tools. The KGI team developed a compute cluster to run a software pipeline incorporating the in-house tools to perform enhanced functional annotation of the genome. The business aspect of the project focused on IG’s business plans and recent changes that have occurred in its structure and operation. The culmination of this project was a presentation to the company management team of the database developed by the students.