Year: 2021-22

Company: Orbillion

Liaison(s): Laura Daley

Orbillion Bio, Inc. is a premier biotechnology company in the cultivated meat industry specializing in high throughput technologies and cell culturing techniques aimed to further consumer options for premier meat products. The company is regarded for its focus on cultivating heritage meats to improve consumer accessibility while reducing the carbon footprint and escaping the cruelties of current meat production.

The team was tasked with improving the efficiency and scalability of cell lines for cultivated meat to achieve high production standards. To accomplish this task, the project deliverables were divided into three areas. The first area focuses on the development of chemically defined media for tissue culture expansion. The team tested a variety of different media components that allowed for the creation of a defined media formulation for economically viable, commercial production. The second area centered around the development of a defined media to maximize proliferation in 3D culture systems. The third area focused on developing an approach to expand cells in a bioreactor-like setting with defined media formulations obtained from the first area, along with additives to promote cell expansion. The combined efforts of the team in achieving these goals were integral in supporting Orbillion Bio. with improving the scalability and efficiency of cell lines for cultivated meat.