Year: 2010-11

Company: Life Technologies

Liaison(s): Vicki Singer, Rodney Turner, Jon Chesnut

Life Technologies Corporation, a global biotechnology tools company, was formed by the merger of Invitrogen Corporation and Applied Biosystems, Inc. in 2008. The company has reported total sales of $3.3 billion in 2009, has a presence in about 160 countries and has an extensive intellectual property portfolio with 3900 patents and exclusive licenses. It is dedicated to improving human conditions and continues to drive innovation across various disciplines from personalized medicine to environmental research and 21st century forensics by providing user friendly and efficient systems, consumables and services to its customers. The aim of the Team Masters Project is to assess the relative value of new tools in Life Technologies’ product pipeline that could potentially simplify the development of transgenic animals. This project is designed to guide Life Technologies in the development of a multi-year plan to leverage its portfolio of cloning tools and stem cell lines for the development of such animals. In phase one, we interviewed KOLs from both academia and pharmaceutical companies to assess their current methods and processes, and identify potential market opportunities. In the second phase of this project, we conducted surveys to verify our findings and hypothesis from phase one and further identify the desired target market segments and desired characteristics required for successful new products for transgenic animal market.