Year: 2022-23

Company: Merck & Co. Inc.

Liaison(s): Jerry Docchio, Anando Chowdhury, David Komjati

Focus 1: In support of Merck & Co. Inc’s, Global Supply Chain Management area, assistance is required with the creation of a globalized, single source of predictive shipment planning data, including incorporation of near real time marketplace events, to assist the Regional Planning Teams to execute more predictive, consolidated shipments, driving both cost savings and an End to End Predictive Analytics Platform. Data would be coordinated between Merck’s Enterprise Resource Planning system, layered Planning Application, Business Intelligence Reporting tools, Transportation Management and Freight Forwarder interface, and 3rd party shipment visibility tools. Interaction with the Merck, Global Logistics Analytics Team, the Supply Chain Control Tower Group, and the Information Technology areas would be expected to support this build. Focus 2: Externally oriented project that looks at market access strategies and programs that are enabled by supply chains and different supply chain approaches.