Year: 2006-07

Company: Gilead Sciences

Liaison(s): Terry Dahl

In an effort to maximize the likelihood of success for certain drug candidates, Gilead Sciences’ Foster City formulation group wishes to expand its capabilities for developing insoluble small molecules in oral dosage forms. To this end, the Gilead Foster City TMP team was assigned the task of creating a searchable database of drug delivery technology platforms and providers that specialize in formulating or physically manipulating insoluble therapeutic compounds into oral solid-dosage forms. The project began with background research to develop a fundamental understanding about oral drug delivery technologies that increase solubility. Secondary industry research was used to generate a list of technologies and vendors that met the scope of the project. Through a process of experimentation, team discussions, and consultations with the team advisor and client, several key parameters were identified as pertinent to evaluating each oral drug delivery company and its technology(s). These parameters included summarizing each technology and all relevant patents and publications, and determining a company’s business development practices with regard to royalty rates and licensing fees. In conjunction with the company evaluations, performance criteria for the searchable database were developed and FileMaker Pro was selected as the database platform. The database was then scripted and developed to meet client specifications including the ability to search by multiple technologies, different physicochemical properties, and specific companies. For the final deliverable, a user-friendly, expandable, multi-search function database containing ~30 drug delivery companies and their respective technology platforms was provided to Gilead Sciences, Foster City.