Year: 2003-04

Company: Legendary Medical Information Systems

Liaison(s): Dominique Steinberg

The health histories of individuals and those of parents, grandparents and siblings can be very useful in predicting a patient’s risk of cancer. Traditionally, clinicians’ patient history assessments have not taken into account the familial and environmental factors considered by genetic councilors. Since few patients are seen by genetic councilors, information of this type has not been available to diagnosticians attempting to assess an individual’s risk of cancer. LMI has developed software to predict a patient’s cancer risk from his or her family, environmental and behavioral health history. The KGI team working with LMI is validating the methodology employed in the software. The team is also developing a business plan for the software that incorporates market penetration strategy, barriers-to-entry, competitor analysis, financial model, break-even analysis and pro-forma income projections.