Year: 2014-15

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Liaison(s): Ramesh Sathiyaa Theodore Straub

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in
providing innovative life science solutions for research,
medical diagnostics and applied sciences. Through
different brands, Thermo Fisher offers analytical
instruments, lab equipment and specialty diagnostics
that deliver rapid and accurate results for customers
in research, clinical, and applied markets. A premier
member of the Thermo Fisher family of brands, Life
Technologies, provides OpenArray® technology as an
affordable real-time PCR–based solution for highthroughput
gene expression analysis, genotyping, and
microRNA analysis. This system minimizes experiment
costs and provides custom formats to suit different
throughput needs.
To address customers’ needs and expectations and
promote innovation and growth, Thermo Fisher
develops different approaches to create additional
value for existing products. These innovative efforts
aim at discovering new valuable technological options
considering the current competitive landscape. Being
in the process of developing the strategic solutions for
the current qPCR system, Thermo Fisher would like to
explore new technological opportunities, identify areas
for improvement, and uncover new approaches to
create value for the product.
To accomplish this objective, the Thermo Fisher
Microfluidics TMP team carried out an analysis of the
current technological market in the focus area of the
product, defined the most promising directions and
opportunities, and created a technological portfolio
summarizing the results of the analysis. As a key
approach to product innovation and improvement,
customer opinions were assessed by conducting a
survey. Additionally, the Thermo Fisher TMP team
evaluated the current system performance and
proposed potential technological improvements.
Upon completion of this project, Thermo Fisher will
receive product innovation recommendations in order
to prioritize technological options with the most
commercial potential.