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Biotech-Based Therapeutics Webinar

Virtual CA

Please join KGI's faculty to learn more about biotech-based therapeutics. Register: https://keckgraduate.secure.force.com/EventListing/?eventId=7014p000000g30c Zoom link: https://kgi.zoom.us/j/91012145691

Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPA) Program Overview Webinar

Virtual CA

Please join the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPA) faculty for our Program Overview Webinar where you can learn more about the curriculum offered at KGI! Register Here: https://keckgraduate.secure.force.com/EventListing/?eventId=7014p000001NPq6 Zoom Link: https://kgi.zoom.us/j/96903893436

OTD Program Overview

Virtual CA

Please join us for an information session to learn more about our Occupational Therapy Doctorate program! Register: https://keckgraduate.secure.force.com/EventListing/?eventId=7014p000000qYS5 Zoom link: https://kgi.zoom.us/j/99617326122?pwd=MVppMUdWYXZuaGRETE1tZU5DQy9DUT09

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