Why Partner with KGI?

Since our founding, KGI has actively engaged with companies and entities of all types and sizes. We do this in a variety of ways—from quite modest to more comprehensive.

  • For organizations new to KGI, delivery of an IndustryTalk to our community is a great way to interact with students, faculty, and staff, and to learn more about what we do.
  • KGI also hosts many events throughout the year, and these provide ample opportunity for interaction and information sharing. Some of our signature events include Poster Corridor, Resumania!, Focus Friday, and Mock Interviews.
  • Healthcare and life science leaders can mentor students, provide information for classroom cases, and host student groups for visits, structured training, and more.

Team Master’s Project

We take corporate partnerships seriously—and this is reflected in graduation requirements. Students in some of our programs must fulfill two industry-related elements: a summer internship and a Team Master’s Project.

Advisory Opportunities

Industry leaders seeking stronger ties to KGI may consider joining one of our advisory entities:

Talent Development and Retention

Talent is the key reason many organizations seek to collaborate with KGI. Our Career Services Office provides professional development and employer services for internships and employment.

Talent retention is another reason industry and health care entities are interested in a relationship with KGI. Our executive education portfolio covers technical and business topics, including bioprocessing Professional Advanced Training (bPAT), Machine Learning for Biomedical, FDA Workshop on Emerging Technologies, and more.

Technology Transfer

Among the patents are those covering aspects of:

  • Microfluidics
  • Cardiac stem cells
  • Isothermal biochemical reactions
  • Reduction in lactic acid production in animal cell culture
  • Nucleic acid amplification
  • Methylation analysis using nicking agents
  • Methods for Determining Tyrosine-DNA Phosphodiesterase Activity
  • Hydrogel constructs using stereolithography
  • And more…

KGI welcomes inquiries and would be happy to schedule introductory phone conversations.


For more information on collaborating with KGI, contact Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships Shannon Braun.