KGI campus 2

KGI Fact Sheet

The fact sheet provides a quick snapshot of KGI, its students, programs, and administrators.

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Claremont building near KGI


Claremont, CA is the home of KGI and the six other Claremont Colleges.

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6 13 15 Henry E Riggs


Henry E. Riggs identified the need that would lead to the founding of KGI in 1997.

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KGI students at graduation


KGI has a unique mission, vision, culture, and values that helps embody the Institute.

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Annual Report web 1

Innovation Insider Magazine

KGI launched a magazine in fall 2022 to provide detailed information on the Institute, including a letter from leadership, feature stories, and special events.

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KGI campus

The Claremont Colleges

The Claremont Colleges are a group of seven private, independent institutions.

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