In early 2002, statements of Keck Graduate Institute’s unique mission, its innovative culture, and the core values that underpin both were developed collaboratively by essentially all faculty, staff, and students then at KGI. We seek to embody these objectives and principles in both KGI’s strategy and its every-day operations. As we gain experience, the statements will evolve and be further refined.

In October 2006, KGI’s Board of Trustees approved the Code of Conduct and the Conflict of Interest Policy. The principles and policies in these documents serve to guide KGI’s trustees, officers, faculty and staff in their conduct of KGI’s activities and are informed by KGI’s mission, culture, and values.  

KGI Mission

To enrich society with breakthrough approaches to education and translational research in healthcare and the life sciences.

School Mission Statements

Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences

The KGI Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences is dedicated to education and research aimed at translating into practice the power and potential of the life sciences for the benefit of society. 

School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is dedicated to the education of innovative healthcare professionals who will serve the needs of individual patients, the healthcare system, and the bioscience industry. Our programs emphasize interprofessional collaboration, systematic problem solving, the safe, efficient, and ethical use of technology and biotechnology, and personalized patient care.


KGI seeks to sustain an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial culture, working in partnership with industry to develop leaders for the biosciences, while promoting academic freedom and the highest ethical standards.


The schools at KGI uphold the following values:

  • Entrepreneurial and Innovative approaches to solve problems
  • Growth through Learning and Reflection
  • EthicalAccountable, and Professional behavior
  • Collaborative and Interdisciplinary approaches
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Leadership in applied research and education
  • Educate students with a Global perspective
  • Embrace Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity at KGI

KGI is committed to enriching society with breakthrough approaches to education and translational research. Diversity of backgrounds, cultures, disciplines, identities, and thought within our community serves as a catalyst for collaboration and excellence in all of our pursuits. KGI’s welcoming, diverse environment provides the opportunity for our students to think creatively and critically, communicate and interact effectively, and act ethically and respectfully. The active and open-minded engagement of every member of our community is vital to achieving the goals of the institution. View our diversity page.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

The distinctive meaning of a degree from KGI, common to all programs, is reflected in the institutional learning outcomes (ILOs). Students will:

  1. Communicate and interact effectively with others
  2. Use creativity and critical thinking for problem solving and innovation
  3. Act ethically and in conformity with high standards of professionalism
  4. Conduct research, evaluate research findings, and apply them appropriately
  5. Apply what they have learned
  6. Collaborate in and lead teams effectively

The way that these shared learning outcomes are implemented in the curriculum is different in each school and program, but all programs adhere to the same set of values and learning goals that are encompassed in the ILOs. In addition to these shared outcomes, each school has a clear and differentiated purpose, and its programs cover designated disciplines at specified degree level—bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Further, all KGI programs employ active learning methods, based on the latest research on how students learn, another distinctive characteristic of a KGI degree.