2020 Capstone Projects

Project Title
The Development and Implementation of the Genetic Counseling Career Ladder
Hayley Bottino
Pharmacogenomic Testing in Psychiatry: Clinicians’ Practices, Attitudes, & Genetics Knowledge
Alexandra Petrasek
The Psychosocial Effects of Unexpected Findings on Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing
Emily Wiseman
Effect of an Adapted Motivational Interviewing Telephone Intervention Pre-Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment on the Perceived Personal Control of Latinas at Risk for Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Guadalupe Carvajal
Cancer Genetic Counselors’ Perspectives of Nutritional Recommendations
Breann Reinsch
Identifying the Gap: Genetic Counseling and Testing for Underinsured Patients in Oncology Care
Bailey Sanderson
Investigating Native American’s Attitudes Towards Genetic Testing
Jennifer Rios
Assessing the Lived Experiences of Parents of Children with Phenylketonuria (PKU)
Kathryn Schwan
Exploring South Asian Perspectives on Genetic Counseling
Shabri Patel
Which “Me” am I Going to be Today?: Exploring Genetic Counselors’ Attitudes on Expressing their “Authentic Self” in the Workplace
Brynna Nguyenton
A Provider-Centered Approach to Genetic Panel Testing Reports
Hannah Lilligren
The Impact of Genetic Counseling on Direct-to-consumer and Patient-Initiated Testing
Jennifer Hull
Risk Reducing Mastectomies among Women with Mutations in Moderate Penetrance Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes
Jacob Comeaux