Educational Partner
Project Title

St. Jude
Ethnicity Identification in Genomic Data of Underrepresented Populations

Imputing Genotypes: Minimac4 vs Autoencoder

Rare Genomics Institute
Natural Language Processing (NLP) of Digital Medical Records to Isolate Phenotypic Search Terms for More Robust Phevor Analyses

KGI – Zambon Lab
RNA-sequencing Analysis to Elucidate a Unique Gene expression profile for the Quiescent Phenotype in Cancer

Rare Genomics Institute
A Case Study Reanalyzing Existing Exome Sequencing Data: Exploring Perspectives on Current Practices of Reanalysis

Rare Genomics Institute
Predicting the Causal Variants Encoded in a Genome by Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence Software for Rapid Analysis, Interpretation, and Classification of Pediatric Rare Diseases

CEBPA Mutation Phasing Using Pacific Biosciences Circular Consensus Sequencing Data

Automation of Clinical Detection Rate Calculations for an Expanded Carrier Screen via Bioinformatics Pipeline

Combining NGS Detection and Pooled Viral Genomes in the Development of a Novel Multiplexed Respiratory Viral Assay

Automation of Literature Curation for Variant Interpretation

UCLA Dept. of Pathology
The Effects of Transcript Selection in Clinical Genomics

Texas A&M
Quantifying UBE3A-AS Expression Throughout the Body

CHLA Center for Personalized Medicine
Developing Patient-Specific Gene Editing Strategies Through a Base Editing Bioinformatics Pipeline

City of Hope
State-Transition Analysis of Transcriptome Dynamics in BCOR Mutated Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Fabric Genomics
Analysis of Genetic Variability Among Genes that Encode G-Protein Coupled Receptors Highlights Association Between CXCR6, CCR9, and CCR1 Genes and Severe COVID-19

Utilizing Feature Selection and Machine Learning for Type 2 D Risk Prediction

Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) Typing with Oxford Nanopore Sequencing

St. Jude
Integrating Comprehensive Tumor Genomic and Clinical Data to Inform Approaches to Personalized Cancer Therapy

Analysis and Visualization Solutions for Analytical Controls Applied to a Methylation Liquid Biopsy Platform

St. Jude
Towards Personalized Medicine: A Comprehensive Approach to Integrating Tumor Genomics and Clinical Outcomes in Leukemia Patients

Germline & Somatic mtDNA Variants in Chordomas

Genetic Risk for Atherosclerosis: Single Cell Sequencing Analysis of Coronary and Pulmonary Arterial Tissues

CHIP Interference in Liquid Biopsies – Investigating the Role of Clonal Hematopoiesis if Indeterminant Potential in Bluestar Genomics’ Liquid Biopsy Cancer Detection Computer Model

Fabric Genomics
Artificial Intelligence’s Sensitivity in Detecting Pathogenic Variants for Population Health and Newborn Screenings